About the Author

Lou Powers worked with Exxon for 21 years prior to entering a private consulting business in 1979. Lou’s experience includes 50+ years in production research, reservoir engineering, operations management and consulting. After 19 years working primarily in Texas for Exxon, Lou spent 2 years (1977 to 1979) in Saudi Arabia as ARAMCO’s Chief Petroleum Engineer. Lou is a graduate of two OSU’s – Oklahoma State (BS 1957) and Ohio State (MS 1958) in Mechanical Engineering.

• 21 year career with Exxon

• Served 2 years as ARAMCO’s Chief Petroleum Engineer

• 32 years as Independent Petroleum Consultant

• 1992 IPPA Award of Merit for work on U.S. Oil Import Vulnerability

• Co-authored several papers and reports about the Petroleum Industry and future oil and gas prices

Lou Powers leaving Saudi Arabia.

A portrait of Lou commissioned by his staff of 450 in Saudi Arabia.

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