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This book is destined to be a standard reference for the energy industry.

Photo courtesy Saudi Aramco.


With approximately 200 full-color charts, diagrams and photos, Lou Powers is able to communicate to other practitioners and the public the key concepts of oil reserve forecasting.

Based on Lou’s personal experiences, this book covers major oil reserves in many of the key producing areas: the United States, Venezuela, Canada, the Middle East, Russia and the North Sea.

The book is organized into four major parts:

-Lou Powers’ experiences in Saudi Arabia, and its ability to meet future production needs.

-Lou Powers’ time with Exxon and its affiliates, covering many other oil-producing regions.

-Lou Powers’ time as an Independent Consultant honing his skills in reserve evaluations, petroleum advisor to large mineral owners primarily in South Texas, royalty payment audits and expert witness testimony.

- Lou Powers worked with the IPAA to warn America of the impending problems associated with increasing oil imports, increasing terrorism and bankruptcy of America.  Lou’s report was used in the development of the U. S. energy policy recommendations to the Republican Party in the 1994-96 time frame.  Lou had also served on the  Energy Committee to the Ross Perot Election campaign in 1992.

Lou Powers also includes:

-Production profiles for many of the world’s key producing countries and fields.

-Recommendations for the U. S. which will help mitigate the current energy malaise.

This book is scheduled for publication in the summer, 2012, by PennWell Publishing.

Order your copy now! May 1, 2012 brochure by Pennwell.

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