Here’s what the industry experts have to say about Lou Powers and his book!


Former Chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Geologist and Oil and Gas Producer

“Lou Powers’ rare and unique grasp of and first hand experience with the engineering and geological aspects of producing just about every type of oil and gas reservoir around the world, coupled with his understanding of the economics of the world oil and gas trade, makes his story one of the most educational books ever written about the global oil and gas industry. Anyone who wants to appreciate the problems to be faced by the world’s future energy providers needs to read Lou Powers’ book and learn the secrets of the giant oil and gas fields discovered in the past that Lou so generously shares in its pages.”


Independent Petroleum Engineering consultant and former Director of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil, Ireland), Cork, Ireland, Former Aramco Reservoir Engineer

“Lou’s book represents perhaps the best, public Western assessment of the remaining oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. It also lays out the most plausible position of the Saudi royal family on what rate those reserves are depleted, which will come as a surprise to most readers. The chapter on Saudi Arabia alone is worth the price of the book!”


holds the L. F. Peterson Endowed Chair and is a Regents Professor of Petroleum Engineering in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University

“ Lou Powers, my long-time friend and former mentor, has written the most credible book available to the public on the likely future of oil from Saudi Arabia. This book is a “must read” for all serious students of the worldwide energy supply in coming decades. Rather than speculate, Lou has documented his conclusions with sound engineering and economic analyses.”


Barrow Chair and Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences University of Texas

“Drawing on a long and distinguished career in the oil patch, Lou Powers has written a most insightful and pragmatic book on energy and energy policy which should be read widely. His first-hand observations on the reservoirs of Saudi Arabia and the critical role of the Kingdom in the world’s economy is worth the price of admission. Technical and analytical, Powers’ perspectives are nicely interlaced with the personal, adding a vibrant and real touch.”

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