Impactful Figures for Distribution 2017 12 09b (5)

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InconvenientFacts—The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to Know

Impactful Figures for Distribution 2017 12 09b (5)

This set of 25 charts is the most convincing I have seen that illustrate that CO2(CARBON DIOXIDE) is not the Bad for the worlds environment. In fact increasing CO2 is causing the world to turn greener.
These 25 charts are from Gregory Wrighstone’s new book “Inconvenient Facts–The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want to know.”

Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist with more than 35 years spent investigating the earth and it’s processes He received undergraduate degree; degree from Waynesburg University and his Masters in geology from West Virginia University,

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Sr. Retired Vice President of Major Oil Company Offers His Opinion on Recent SPE Task Force On Climate Change

This letter was sent to SPE President by Jack Threet A retired Vice President of Shell, Oil with his comments on the SPE Task Force on Climate Change. This an exact copy provided to Louis W Powers

Sent: Wed, Oct 4, 2017 12:12 am

To the President of SPE, Janeen Judah
Dear Ms Judah,
I have read with interest your article in SPE’s Journal of Technology June 2017
and also Dr Trey Shaffer’s presentation of the organization and conclusions reached by SPE’s Task Force on Climate Change.
As a professional Earth scientist all my adult life I must challenge the views expressed by both you and the Task Force on Climate Change.
My work experience includes 65 years in oil, gas and minerals exploration and production, at home and abroad, including nearly 40 years with Shell Oil Company where I was Head of Exploration for the last 9 years of my Shell career. Throughout my entire career the gathering and analysis of SCIENTIFIC data to interpret and understand the history of planet Earth were always of the utmost importance.
With that as background I respectfully submit to you the following comments for your consideration, starting with SPE’s Task Force on Climate Change.
Regrettably, had SPE, a scientific and professional society, started with a task force
instructed to find SCIENCE-BASED DRIVERS of climate change in descending order of magnitude they never would have developed this HOUSE OF CARDS approach.
Since the creation of Earth, long before man, Earth has experienced numerous periodic major and minor climate changes driven by very difficult to quantify natural variations in solar activity, Earth’s orbit around the sun, ocean currents, volcanic activity and more. These same natural variations continued after man first inhabited Earth and are continuing to drive climate change today.
Thus, I have no reason whatsoever to doubt or deny climate change on Earth. What I DO DOUBT and STRONGLY DENY is that global warming has ever been driven, or even measurably modified, by increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) as the result of man’s burning of fossil fuels. CO2 is a clear, odorless, non-polluting gas that is critically important for plant growth and their release of oxygen into the atmosphere for man to survive.
There is NOT ONE SHRED OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that changes in the amount of
CO2 in the atmosphere have had any measurable effect on global climate, past or present !!! Certainly models, such as created by the United Nations Panel of Climate Scientists to explain and forecast climate change are NOT scientific evidence. They are, at best, an effort to model a very complex set of factors influencing climate change —
and, at worst are biased to provide desired outcomes.
Finally, as to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, it follows from the above that there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for the support of this Accord. Man’s burning of fossil fuels has not had, nor will it have, any measurable effect on global climate change, warming or cooling. Because of this very major flaw in the Accord it was understandable and very important that the United States of America chose not to ratify this Accord.
In closing, of course my views on Climate Change are not unique. They are shared by an often all-too-silent group numbering tens of thousands of fellow Earth scientists around the world, some of whom were once members of the UN Panel of Climate Scientists.
Thank you for taking time to consider my comments.
Jack C Threet

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Thank You President Trump for Cancelling the Paris Agreement

Climate Change: Evidence Indicates Hiatus
Published on on June 2, 2017
Some Interesting Facts. Please take time to read,
The evidence of global climate readings strongly backs up President Trump’s decision to rescind the US signature on the Paris Accords. Liberals have taken to denying the facts, calling dissenters “climate deniers.” Some have even equated such opinions with those of holocaust deniers and have even sought to criminalize their opinions.
And the fashionistas have taken over, mocking those who insist on following the data rather than the late-night talk show consensus, calling them “anti-science” and “flat earth people.”
Here is the key fact: From 1998-2012, the Earth’s temperature warmed by 12/100 of one degree Centigrade, itself a slowing of the warming pace of the previous decade. But for the second half of this period — from 2001-2012– the pace of warming dropped by even more — with the Earth warming by only 5/100 of one degree.
Watch “Deep Six The Deep State!” — CLICK HERE!
The left is fond of citing the statistic that 2016 — and 2015 and 2014 before it — was the warmest year on record. That’s true. But the margin by which each year was warmer than the one before was microscopic. In fact, the temperatures did not change much at all.
The media is happy to point out that the U.S. is the “greatest polluter” in history. But U.S. emissions of carbon have dropped while China’s have soared. By 2011, the United States accounted for 17% of global carbon emissions while China was the source of 27%. To make us the bad guys is to hold our distant past against us. Each year, China increases its emissions by an amount equal to Japan’s total carbon emissions during the year.
And the U.S. has dramatically decreased its emissions from 6,000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to 5,000 from 2007-2014 by switching from costly coal to less expensive and, thanks to fracking, more available natural gas. (The left, which claims to be concerned about carbon emissions, fights tooth and nail against fracking even though it mitigates the problem significantly.)
Finally, Trump’s refusal to stay in the Paris system is motivated by China’s so-so participation. The Chinese have not committed to any fixed target or any specific steps to reduce its carbon output, the largest in the world. Rather, they promise to give the subject their earnest attention several years down the road. In the meantime, one quarter of global emissions come from China.
So Trump has struck a blow for economic sanity and scientific truth by pulling out of the Paris accords. Good for him! Good for us!

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Eventual Energy Independence Is Most Likely a Myth

U S Energy Self Sufficiency SPEE 2016 REVISED

The following is a link to my presentation that I am prepared to give to various clubs and organizations.

For those wishing to see the figure referenced in my June 8, 2016 comment on Art Berman’s web site click on the link and go to Figure 23.  While you are here you might look at my  :

U S Energy Self Sufficiency SPEE 2016 REVISED

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Dr. Neil Frank Releases Powerful Video on Global Warming/Climate Change and CO2

The video was a talk he gave to the Probers Sunday School Class March 13, 2016 at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas.  All people interested in this subject should view this video on You Tube with this special link.

This video includes a special message to the 1000 delegates that will be attending the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church but should be heard by all across this great country of ours.  It is 42 minutes long but loaded with good facts.

I recently received a  copy of a letter from the Methodist Church and Society Committee started off showing a picture of cyclone damage in the Philippines.  I wonder why they did not show a picture of the destruction of the Galveston hurricane before in the early 1900′s where 1000′s died.  A review of our weather history shows no change in weather patterns as Dr. Frank will discuss, before or after the CO2 started to increase.

For those that want more time to review the slides.  Just go to my web site again,

and look at the previous news blog.  There is a slide show with essentially the  same charts that I developed from Dr. Franks three talks at Memorial Drive Methodist Church, Houston, Texas

Louis(Lou) Powers


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Dr. Neil Frank Former Head of National Hurricane Center and Noted Climatologist Says Correlation Between Increasing CO2 and Global Warming/Climate Change is Weak

Dr. Neal Frank urges Methodist delegates to the 2016 General Convention to pass both of Lou Powers petitions to remove the seven Paragraphs from the Discipline and the Book of Resolutions related to CO2 and Global Warming/Climate Change.

The basis for his recommendation is that this subject is political and not a religious  issue and the science for CO2 causing Global Warming/Climate Change is non-existant or weak at best.

Please take a look at a slide show that Dr. Frank presented to three groups at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas, supporting his views.

Please use Google chrome for viewing this website..

Dr. Neil Frank’s presentation to the MDUMC Probers Sunday School Class was made today, March 13, 2016.  It was video taped and should be available for publication on this Web Site by Easter so please mark it on your calendar to revisit,

March 28, 2016  Sorry to report I do not yet have access to the edited video yet.  When it is available I will notify the Bishops and Delegates to the 2016 General Convention of the Methodists as I have communicated in the past.

Sorry for the delay.  Lou Powers

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Why We Need Fossil Fuels Particularly the Poorer Countries?

The following link answers this question:

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Are Catholic, Episcopal and Methodist ChurchesTrying to Hurt the Poor by their Positions on Global Warming Caused by Using Fossil Fuels

The answer is YES according to Vijay Jayaraj a resident of India.  Mr. Jayaraj(M. S. Environmental Science)is a Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.  Please read his article by going to the following link: 

What he  concludes is without cheaper, oil, and natural gas are critical to the economies of emerging countries.  The science of global warming caused by using fossil fuels is far from settled.  While CO2 has increased each year over the last 18 years according to satellite data the temperature has not.



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Ted Cruz, You Might Want to Listen to Some Other Evangelical Climate Scientists

Noted Climate Expert Dr. Neil Frank speaks out against climate alarmist with the facts about CO2 and Global Warming.  Dr. Frank was the longest serving Directors of the National Hurricane Center 1974-1987 and retired Chief Meteorologist of KHOU-TV for 20 years. Here is the  link:



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