Global Warming/Climate Change Caused by CO2–Fact or Fiction?

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What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change

Former co-founder of Green Peace Patrick Moore speaks out on “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change,” referring to those that support Global Warming now called Climate Change caused by CO2 coming from fossil fuels.

This web site links you to Prager University Web Site.  They list several videos.  Just scroll down to the one with the title ”
“What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change”


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« The Crude Oil Export Ban–What, Me Worry About Peak Oil?

Today I want to reflect on the state of the U. S. Oil Industry and point you to an excellent writing of Art Berman in his article he wrote with title above.

First let reflect on some of my own experience over time.

Back in 1978 I was the Chief Petroleum Engineer for Aramco there was considerable frustration in the World as  the Saudi’s decided to cut back their planned capacity buildup from 16 to only 10 million  Bbls/day.  The world did not listen, the EIA and the USA continued to plan in their annual reports that the Saudi’s would be producing 15 to 20 million Bbls/day in future years. These projections are shown on Figure 9-4 in my book “The World Energy Dilemma” published by PennWell in 2012  That was over 37 years ago when the Oil minister for Saudi Arabia Sheik Yamani said someday our Grand Children will need this oil too.  Today Saudi Aramco is producing just over 10 million Bbls/day, some 37 years later 

At about the time these discussions were going on in Saudi Arabia my wife brought home a small book from the Aramco library entitled “Small is Beautiful” by E F Schumacher.  It had a great Chapter on forecasting the future.  I remember two real important statements:  1.  “The world will appreciate most who say Stop, Look and Listen rather than those who say Look it up in the Forecast.”  and 2.  “Remember you can not forecast the future because you do not know what is the minds of those that control it”, but you should explore it.  How true today when it comes to oil price forecasting.

With this in mind please reflect on Art Berman’s writing entitled “The Crude Oil Export Ban–What Me Worry about Peak Oil About Peak Oil?

Back in the Spring of 2014, before the Oil Price Collapse I spoke to the San Antonio Library Foundation about a possible oil supply shortfall within the next ten years based  on my understanding of future supply and demand for world oil.  I am sure their were skeptics.  Now that the oil price has severely dropped I can just about guarantee that will happen before ten years is up.  As Schumacher says, I just can not tell you when.

I can say keep your eye on Saudi Arabia, for either internal or external derived problems.

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Ten Reasons to Not Believe in Global Warming Caused by CO2

Hear Mike van Biezen,  adjunct professor at Compton College, Santa Monica College, El Camino College, and Loyola Marymount University teaching Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Earth Science has to say about Global Warming caused by CO2.

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Is the Climate Change Agreement for Real or a Political Scam?

Dr. Calvin Beisner gives one view.  He believes it will hurt the least among us, the poor, the most, as I do.  One thing for sure if fully implemented  it will make the cost of energy go up.

There are no teeth.  It is a purely volunteer agreement.  Will the U S congress vote to send our portion of the 100 Billion dollars per year to the poorer countries to pay for abundant wind and solar power?   I seriously doubt it with an 18 trillion dollar debt all ready facing us.

Read the comments in Beisner’s post to see what the No. 1 and No 3 contributor of CO2, China and India plan to do.

Apparently the European leaders are quite excited.  If they think Solar and Wind are so great why have the Investments in European Wind and Solar dried up.  Could it be there previous investments in Wind and Solar are not economic alternatives to burning cheaper fossil fuels to generate electricity.  See my Oct 12th, 2015 Post.

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Testimony of John R. Christy University of Alabama in Huntsville. Dec 8. 2015

Before the U. S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation  Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness


This testimony by one of leading climatology experts  in the world should be sufficient evidence to the Delegates of the 2016 General Convention to approve my two Petitions to remove the Seven Paragraphs from the Methodist Church Book of Discipline relating to Green House Gases(CO2) and global warming.  It is a political issue not one that determines whether I go to Heaven on Hell and the science is not settled as many including President Obama would have you believe.

Further I hope the delegates would Reject the proposed changes in Resolution 1001 by The Board of the Church and Society and vote to remove it all together as I have proposed.


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Climate summit: Why we believe Paris proposals doom billions to live in extreme poverty

A group of Scientists and Climate experts put this message out to those meeting in Paris this week.  Hopefully this message gets transmitted and understood by the Paris delegates.

Posted December 8, 2015 by Louis W. Powers

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Global Warming/Climate Change–Fact or Fiction by Christopher Mockton of Brenchley

Thanks to Watts Up With That, here is a link to a recent article from Christopher Monckton of Brenchly, former Energy Advisor to Margaret Thatcher.  Read carefully as he rebuts with facts a Global Warming supporter’s points on Global Warming/Climate Change.  By the way the weather is always changing but the question is does mans burning of fossil fuels, ie CO2 contribute to this change?

Monkton’s title is

AP’s Seth Borenstein gets something right (but only the date)

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Oil speculators risk ‘short squeeze’ if impulsive Saudi Prince throws Opec surprise

Correction  and Late Breaking News  12/04/2015 at 21:30

Today I want to shift gears and talk about oil prices.  After I came back from Saudi Arabia, myself, Dick Martin, who had extensive Middle East oil experience, and Mac Stevenson, who had broad experience around the world with Exxon, published a couple of studies on world oil prices.  As I made presentations of the study I would often get asked what I thought oil prices would be six months from now?  My answer then was,” If I could tell you that I would not be giving speeches today I would be on my yacht, cruising like the then Saudi Oil Minister, Sheik Yamani.  Today I am not sure if His Excellency Ali L Namie the current Saudi Oil Minister   could answer that question.

In 1978 when I was the Chief Petroleum Engineer for Saudi Aramco my wife brought me home a small book entitled “Small is Beautiful” by E F Shumaker.  As I recall he had an excellent Chapter on the inability of man to predict the future.  I often remember  two points he made.  “ Man cannot predict the future because he doesn’t understand what is in  minds of a few men that control it” but this does not mean you should not explore it.  Second, “mankind will always appreciate most who say “Stop Look and Listen rather than Look it up in the Forecast”.

Having said this I recommend to you the following paper presented Friday December 4th, 2015 by The Telegraph. If you were one of the Saudi  Princes who had his yearly income cut in half this year by the Opec leaders, principally Saudi Arabia not cutting back on Production in face of the oil glut, or Iran, Russia, and or Venezuela would not be just a bit angry.

Stay tuned to the OPEC meeting this Friday , December 4, 2015 in Vienna

Late Breaking News:  OPEC Hold Same Production Levels.  U S futures Sink to $39.60/Bbl but rebound to  $40.14/Bbl at the close down $0.94/Bbl for the day

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Acclaimed meteorologist Neil Frank talks global warming

Dr. Neil Frank, Now retired Houston Weatherman addressed a Conroe group of men recently on the subject of Climate Change, Global Warming.

The Courier of Montgomery County, Texas wrote a nice summary of his comments.  they are available in the following link,

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