Obama — EPA Rules To Drive Up Cost of Electricty For Everyone, Hurting the Poor the Most.

Under the EPA rules the cost  of Electricity will go up for all and the poor will be hurt the


most says Mr. Pyle in his WSJ article of August 10th, 2015.  I agree.   

According Mr. Pyle the cost of running an existing coal fired plant is $38.40  million watts expended for one hour  compared to a new natural gas fired plant is $73.40 and wind powered plant of $106.80

The Energy Information Agency expects coal plant closures by 2020 to decrease electricity generation of 90 million gigawatts or enough electricity to power 73 million

Conclusion power costs will go up and by estimate made by Energy Venture Analysis to the tune of $680  million dollars annually, hurting the poor the most.

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Petitons to Remove from the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline and Book of Resolution Paragraphs Related to CO2 and Global Warming

The following links are two petitions to remove three paragraphs from the Book of Discipline and four Resolutions from the Methodist Book of Resolutions at the 2016 General Conference.    These petitions are being filed by Louis W Powers because Global Warming caused by CO2 is a political issue  and  not  a religious issue.

Furthermore the alarmist predictions have proven to be false.  In spite of the dire predictions the temperatures have been flat for 12-18 years in spite of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere. 



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Center of Middle East Oil, Saudi at War inYemen

The low oil price scenario  initiated by OPEC , ie Saudi Arabia as U. S. production grew, may be short lived, if Yemen bombing by the Saudi Arab partners  expands  to combat Iran’s reach  as it expands.  For a good discussion of the dangers to Middle East oil supply see the attached link provided by Dan Steffens Prisident of Energy Prospective Group, Houston Texas.

The dangers of expanding war in the Middle East was one of the main dilemmas discussed in “The World Energy Dilemma.”


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Global Warming-Climate Change Fact or Fiction??? Role of the Methodist Church

On Wednesday February 25, 2015 I presented the subject talk. to the Memorial United Methodist Church Men of Action breakfast.

When I published “The World Energy Dilemma”  I thought was the issue was false then  and after a couple more years with temperatures flat but CO2 in the atmosphere continuing to rise I am more convinced than ever  it is a news event promoted by the scientists hoping to get more government contracts.  The facts reveal that the earths temperature has been relatively flat for the last 10 to 15 years or longer and the models way over estimate a temperature rise.  My charts for the talk are shown in the following PPTX file.

http://theworldenergydilemma.com/wp-content/uploads/Global-Warming-or-Climate-Change-Feb-20-2015.pptx   A draft of my verbiage used in the talk is contained in the following PDF file. http://theworldenergydilemma.com/wp-content/uploads/Global_Warming_Talk_-Feb-25-2015.pdf

If you are a Methodist reading my blog I would appreciate you writing a note to your pastor and Bishop related to the topic of Global warming and that  paragraph 160B  should be  removed from the Discipline of the Methodist church

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Energy Forecasters Caught, Which Way from Here Up or Down for Oil Prices

The Saudi’s have embarked on a dangerous course to maintain market share  Since they are still the center of Middleast oil, the largest reserves, the only country with surplus oil capacity and a big bank supply of cash.  Other countries, ie Russia, Iran, Iraq and Venezuela are in a world of hurt, including the U. S. Oil producers particularly those with large debt.

Various forecasters are trying to make sense out of all of this.  I go back to the book by Schumacker ” Small is Beautiful” where he states two truisms, 1.  Man will appreciate most those who will say “Stop look and Listen” rather than those who say ” Look it up in the Forecast”  2.One needs to explore the future but remember you cannot curately predict the future because one cannot predict what’s in the minds of a few men who control it.”  How true in regards to oil prices.  Whether it is the new King in Saudi Arabia, some disgruntled member of royal family or a small  terrorist group that does some dastardly deed.

I personally pray for peace in the Middle East for the good of all mankind but I worry that instability in the Mideast from what ever source is a cause  for concern.

It is my opinion that the current low prices ie below $50.00/bbl cannot last through the year.  Either instability in the Middle-East or natural decline plus demand growth will eliminate the supply surplus in less than a year.  As reported by
Dan Steffens President of Exploration  Prospective Group gasoline demand is up some 725,000 barrels/day in the USA alone in the last four weeks as a result of the lower price of gasoline.  Normal Decline  averages some 4.5 to 5 million barrels./day.  Even if demand growth is normal, worldwide one million  Bbls/day it won’t take long to use up the one to two million barrels/day surplus what ever it is at these low prices.

The following is link  to a discussions concerning the current situation.







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Saudi Oil Minister Interview with MEES Concerning Recent OPEC Decision Not To Cut Production

There is a lot of discussion concerning OPEC’S recent decision  not to cut back oil production in view of the increaing production from U. S Shale and an apparent weaking in World oil demamd.  That decision has led to a drop in U.S. prices to the mid $50.00′s.  from an oil price of over $100.00 a bbl in less than 4 months,

This precipitous drop in oil pricce has caused many in energy Companies management to have sleepless nights and to completely revalue their  long range plans.

For those  companies that bought reserves in the last year thinking $100 oil was here to stay are in deep water and having many discussions with there bankers.

The last month there have been many willing to speculate and to talk about why OPEC and Saudi Arabia in particular did what they did.  To some of us it was a reminder of what happened in 1986 when the Saudi’s raised there productiion  from 3-4 million barrels per day to over 9 million barels per day and the price of oil  fell sharply from  $30.00/barrel to $10.00/barrel.

I think the attached interiew of the Saudi Oil Minster His Excellence Ali L Namie  is worth reading for you to have a better insight as to the OPEC and the Saudi thinking on the subject.   No body, not even the Saudi Minster can tell how long the oil price  will stay low but based on world demand growth of of 1 million barrels per; day per year, natural decline of establishd production from 4-6% per year(ie 3.6 to  5.4million barrels per day). coupled with the suprise terrorist attack in the wrong place the time for the next price rise may be shorter than any of us would think.

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Climate Change: Facts and Fictions Dr. W.C. Riese Adjunct Professor Rice University

Dr. Riese presentation to the Houston Geological Society was right on and I recommend you connecting to link below to view his presntation.  This presntation was May 12, 2014


Four conclusions Dr. Riese makes are

1. ” All of the scary global warming scenarios are based on computer models.

2.  None of the models work.

3. There is  and has been no scientific consensus.

4.  The data which come from our global experiment, the observations we have made,       indicate thate the climate is evolvingand always has evolved continuouslyk, and the people have had nothing to do with the change.  We ned to use this information to stop our regulators and legislators from taking steps and passing laws which will have no effect on the climate we enjoy and can only have disastrous impacts on are economy.”

Dr Riese earned his PHD from the university of New Mexico in 1980, his M. S. in geolgy from the same University in 1977 jkand his B. S. in geologyfrom the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in 1973.  He is  Certified Professional Geologist, aa ccertifie Petroleum Geologist, and a Licensed and Registered Geologist in the states of Texas and South Carolina, respectively.

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Powers Presentantion to San Antonio Book Foundation Goes Well

On Feb 20, 2014 Lou Powers author of “The World Energy” Dilemma spoke to some 110 gathered at the Plaza Club in down Town San Antonio.  The luncheon was well attended and raised money for the San Antonio Book Foundation

Following Powers’ talk, Luke Fletcher, senior vice president of marketing and optimization at Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners LP, said midstream infrastructure, which includes pipelines, has charted major growth in Texas, including the Eagle Ford Shale.

The following link  takes you to the San Antonio Express writeup of this event:


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Powers to Be Keynote Speaker at San Antonio Public Library Foundation Power Lunch Feb 20, 2014

Lou Powers author of The World Energy Dilemma will be speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the San Antonio Public Library Foundation on 20th of February at 11:30 AM on the 21st floor of the Frost Bank Tower, Plaza Club.  In addition Luke Fletcher will be  Vice President of  Energy Transfer Partners will be speaking on importance of Midstream Infrastructure.

Cost of the meal is $50.00 and reservations can be made by calling 210 227 4191

Powers will present an update of the dilemmas he sees, the current industry outlook, and the direction we are headed.  Copies of his book will be available at the presentation.  PennWell published the book in the summer of 2112.

Powers has some 50+ years of industry experience, 22 years with Humble-Exxon affiliates, including two years as Chief Petroleum Engineer for Aramco, Saudi Arabia, and over 30 years as an independent consultant working for independents, major, and royalty owners.

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Former Cabinet Officer Ken Salazar Interior Secretary touts Keystone Pipeline and Fracturing

Speaking at the NAPE Business Conferance in Houston Texas on February 5, former Secretary Salazar came out full bore for the XL pipeline and touting fracturing as an enviourmentally safe way to unleash the billions of barrels of shale oil and shale gas.

His remarks were carried in the February 6th edition of the Houston chronicle and are reported in the FuelFix article that follows.


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